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Why Join Golden Key International Honour Society?


Golden Key Academy is a place of online learning created and one of the best honor society to join. It aims to support current and future GK members, and to fill in some of the more practical gaps in their university education. 

Universities and colleges do an amazing job providing vocational training. Golden Key is supporting their efforts by helping our members to prepare for life beyond study.

It offers over 50+ hours of online training videos plus weekly live webinars, special events and access to a library of informative content covering career development, workplace readiness, communication, study skills, personal finance and leadership.

If you’re a member of Golden Key International Honour Society, you automatically get FREE access to Golden Key Academy.

Best honor society for scholarships

Golden Key annually offers our members hundreds of thousands USD in education-based scholarships and achievement awards.

Unlike other academic scholarships, Golden Key scholarships are paid directly to our student members, giving them the freedom to spend their money in whatever way they choose to continue their studies.

In addition to graduate scholar awards and undergraduate achievement scholarships, Golden Key also grants awards for leadership and service achievements.

Best honor society for jobs & internships

Get expert tips and advice on writing your resume, prepping for interviews and networking through our live webinars and online resources. Get career and workplace experience through placements with our partners.

Best honor society for academics

Being selected for membership in Golden Key is recognition of your commitment to academic excellence, and this is just the beginning.

Membership to Golden Key International Honor Society opens you up to a world of continuing educational opportunities through our scholarships, grants, travel grants and internships.

Best honor society for leadership

Become a leader of the future. Gain real leadership experience within your chapter and learn from experienced mentors.

Cultivate leadership skills that will serve you throughout your personal and professional lives—and make you more appealing to graduate schools and employers. 

Our chapters are all student run, which means our members organize, plan and execute events and initiatives that benefit their chapter’s local community – and put their leadership skills into practice.

Best honor society for networking

When you join Golden Key, you become part of a network of more than two million high achievers around the world.

You can attend chapter social events (including New Member Recognition Events) and other activities to connect with fellow students, the future movers and shakers with whom you will make the world a better place.

Golden Key also has an active social media community, and we invite you to engage with us and your fellow members by liking, commenting and posting regularly using #yesGK.

Best honor society for international learning opportunities

**DUE TO COVID-19 many of our international travel programs are on hold. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch on updates.**

Golden Key members have the opportunity to explore the globe – and make a positive and lasting impact – through programs such as the International Scholar Laureate Program or ISLP.

This popular program gives you the chance to further your career development, strengthen your leadership skills and engage in a culturally enriching experience in Australia, China, New Zealand or the US.

You can also study abroad to discover new cultures and learn a new language, while gaining valuable international experience that will make you more desirable in today’s global job market.

Our Leadership Summits also offer you the opportunity to both present and attend informative workshops and panel discussions around the world, and are supported by substantial travel grants.


Stand up with others

When you become a member of Golden Key, you become a part of something bigger—an extended family of peers and mentors all living a legacy of greatness. Fostering a spirit of collaboration, leadership and service, Golden Key connects over two million people in more than 400 chapters spanning the globe. Find out more about the benefits of joining an honor society here

Desmond Tutu - Golden Key Honorary Member, Since 2001

Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

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Unlock your potential

Support your studies. Launch your career. Gain leaderships skills. Give something back to your community.

Join Golden Key International Honour Society and gain a significant enhancement to your academic career as you continue to work towards achieving your personal and professional goals.

Become a member today and unlock the gateway to opportunities, affiliations, business contacts and friendships that will prove valuable throughout your life.

best honor society for scholarships
  • Undergraduate members are in the top 15% of their class and top-performing graduate students.
  • Golden Key offers unique access to graduate schools and graduate school scholarships each year.
  • Golden Key makes it easy for our members to study abroad.
  • Members have access to a network of like-minded alumni in their fields.
  • Members can put their leadership skills into practice by becoming Golden Key officers.
  • The Society offers seminars, workshops, tips and tools for learning new skills and enhancing your professional abilities.
  • Improve your leadership skills with our online talks and resources.
  • Golden Key members perform up to 100,000 community service hours each year across the globe.
  • Recent service projects undertaken by Golden Key members and chapters include clean up days, children's literacy events, ice-cream fundraisers and more.
  • Service projects are 100% planned and executed by Golden Key members and chapters, with all proceeds and benefits going directly to their local communities.


Exclusive benefits and rewards

We carefully select Golden Key partners that are committed to your continued success and offering opportunities to support you. They help make your lifetime Golden Key membership worth more than gold. Their offers are designed to help you achieve more, save and manage your money, and do seriously cool stuff around the world.



Join Golden Key International Honour Society annd apply for some of the world’s top scholarships, grants and travel opportunities for researchers, graduates and for professional development.

Join 2M+ Members Worldwide

Stand together

Joining Golden Key is more than rewards and scholarships.
This honor society is all about developing your capacity for leadership, giving back to your community, and taking big strides towards your future with the support of our international network.